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Home Ownership
Do You Want to Own Your Own Home? Next year Habitat for Humanity - Springfield Chapter plans to build a new home in the Municipality of Springfield. If you are interested in learning more please come to one of our public information sessions. Click here for more information.

100% of your donation will go towards building a home for a low working income family in your community.Learn more >>


What We Do
Habitat for Humanity Springfield Chapter is part of Habitat for Humanity Manitoba (HFHM), which is a non-profit organization working towards a world where everyone has
a safe and decent place to live. The organization mobilizes volunteers and partners to build safe and decent housing in order to provide low-income working families with access to affordable homeownership. HFHM also raises awareness
of the need for affordable housing and promotes homeownership as a means to breaking the cycle of poverty. With the help of thousands of volunteers every year, HFHM has provided over 230 families with safe, decent and affordable housing since 1987.


Helping Families and Communities
Families that partner with Habitat for Humanity Springfield Chapter benefit by generating significant equity in their homes over the life of the mortgage while only having to spend a maximum of 25 percent of their income on their mortgage payments, as opposed to the over 50 percent that some were paying prior to becoming a Habitat partner family.


Affordable housing leads to better outcomes for individuals and families and ultimately leads to healthier communities and a more productive society. As a family’s financial situation improves, their dependence on social supports decreases and they are better able to contribute to the community and local economy. Housing that is affordable and adequate leads to better outcomes for families in the areas of health, education and emotional well-being. Good housing in communities attracts economic investment, and contributes to thriving schools and community organizations.


In 2004, Habitat for Humanity Canada took part in a study sponsored by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) that interviewed 185 partner families. The findings demonstrated the benefits of the Habitat for Humanity program: 40.6% of families surveyed reported a marked increase in the school grades of their children; 54.2% noticed an improvement in children’s behaviour; 22.9% of the parents went back to school; 34.1% of the income-earners moved on to better jobs; and, 36.1% were less reliant on social supports and community services.

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